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Do you have a show room?

Our show room is online at By cutting down on overhead of a physical showroom and sales staff, we can offer name brand, quality furniture to you at low prices.


What can I expect with delivery?

Ashley Express pieces are delivered to you with assemble required. All other pieces come fully assembled and ready for you to enjoy.


How long will it take to get my order?

Typically it takes 48-72 hours for Ashley Express pieces to be delivered and 4-8 weeks to receive your order on all other furniture. These pieces will be delivered to our warehouse, we’ll contact you when it arrives and arrange a time that you can come to the warehouse and pick it up or have it delivered (for a fee).


Can I see any of the furniture before I order?

If we have your item in stock at our warehouse, we’d be happy to let look at it, if not we rely on the photos from our website.


How do I get a discount code? Can I get one even if I bought/sold 10 years ago?

Simply contact Shelby Melillo at 940-5544 and he will e-mail you a discount code.


Do I assemble the furniture myself?

Ashley Express pieces have assembly required, all other items are fully assembled prior to you picking them up at our warehouse/delivery.


What brands do you offer?